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Surprising Facts About Jason Momoa Life,Wife,GOT,Earning


Here are some of the facts about the joan mamoa and these facts are carefully collected so that you can get some knowledge after reading them. There is also a video so watch the video and also do share

Early Life of Jason Momoa:

He was born on 1 August 1979 in Hawaii but later his family moved to Lowa. When he was in High School they were moved back to the Hawaii.

Jason Momoa as Model:

He started his career as a model in Hawaii and then he moved to the acting as well. His famous role when he to into acting was the baywatch Hawaii and the Star Gate: Atlantis

Jason Momoa and Buddhism:

He is very fond of traveling and travel across the world in different regions. When he was in Tibet he discovered Buddhism and he is keen interested in that religion.

Jason Momoa Dreads:

In his yound age he started to grow the Dreads and he wore them for 6 years. He finally shaved them off because his neck and head started to hurt

Jason Momoa Hobbies:

He is a adventures person and he has some good hobbies like he is a avid runner, rock climber and mountain biker. When he has the chance he also do theĀ  snow boarding and long boarding

Jason Momoa Body:

He has a good body and physique and that is why he got the roles in the movies like Bay watch and Borth Shore. These both films are filmed in Hawaii

Jason Momoa in Game of Thrones:

He took part in game of thrones as the character of Khal Drogo and this happened in 2011.

Jason Momoa as Surfer:

When he was 19 he port part time in a surf shop before he was being in the cast of Baywatch Hawaii

Jason Momoa Wife:

In November 15, 2007 he married to women named Bonet. At the time of marriage he became step father to the Zoe kravitz.

Jason Momoa Scar on Eye:

The scar on his eye is real and he got it when he was in the bar of Los Angeles and there a patron smashed a glass over his face and he got 140 stitches on his face.

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