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Least Known Facts About Alfie Allen Life,Acting


Here are now some facts about Alfie Allen and these facts you can also observe because there is also a video on him.

Alfie Allen Early Life:

He was born on 12 September 1986 in Hammersmith London. His parents Keith Allen who is acton, singer and ALison Owen a Film Producer.

Alfie Allen Siblings:

Alfie has one sister and her name is Lily Allen which is a singer.

Alfie Allen Networth:

He is a good actor and he is earning handsome money from modeling and acting. His current networth is 3 Million US Dollar

Alfie Allen Realtionship:

In 2014 there is a rumor that he has affair with jaime Winstone who is a English Actress.

Alfie Allen Music Video:

He starred with Jamie Winstone in the Music Video “Dust Devil” and this was in year 2009.

Alfie Allen Education:

He is a good student at fine arts college of  Hampstead before making his debut in the industry in 1998.

Alfie Allen in Game of Thrones:

In 2011 he was selected for game of thrones acting. His acting character was Theon Greyjoy which is a very interesting character.

Alfie Allen GOT Fact:

He auditioned for Jon Snow in game of thrones but selected for theon greyjoy.

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