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16 Most Extreme Earth Quakes in History of World


What is Earth Quake:

It is a tremor in the surface of the earth and it shake all the items including sea, mountains and building according to the magnitude of the earth quake. In the earth below layer that is called Lithosphere there some kind of waves are originated that are are called as Seismic Waves and they are responsible for the earth quakes and also magnitude of the earth depend on the depth of the original location of the earthquake and also waves. Here I will share some of the earthquakes that has shocked the history with its destruction and also other information.

List of 16 Most Extreme Earth Quakes:

These earthquakes are taken from Wikipedia list and they are ranked according to the source and the magnitude and also year is mentioned.

  1. According to the Ranking the Most Extreme Earthquake was happened on 22 May 1960 and the location was Valdivia in Chile Country. This is remembered in the history as the event of the “1960 Valdivia Earthquake“. The Magnitude of the earthquake was 9.4 to 9.6 which is the most highest rating in the record.
  2. So Now the second one is in the world most powerful country till now days and that is United States of America. On 27 march 1964 earth quake hit Prince William Sound, Alaska, United States. The Magnitude for the earthquake was recorded “9.2” and this incident can be searched online by the name of 1964 Alaska Earthquake.
  3. Now for the third earthquake we are going to move on the Indian Ocean. Well the incident happened on 26 December 2004 on Sumatra Indonesia on Indian Ocean. The Magnitude of the earthquake was in the range of the 9.1 to 9.3. You can search about the incident by searching on google with the keyword of ” 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake“.
  4. Now we discuss forth earth quake which was happened on 11 March 2011 and the place was Tohoku Region, Japan , Pacific Ocean. This incident world can remember with the name of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. The Magnitude of the earthquake recorded was 9.1. Go on and search for more incidents
  5. In 4th November 1952 earthquake hit Soviet Union (now a days Russia After Seperation of different states from Soviet Union) . The location of the earthquake was Kamchatka Russia SFSR, Soviet Union. You can see the history of the earthquakes in Russia in the Wikipedia list and we will also try to explain them later. The magnitude of the earthquake was 9.0 and you can search in details for the incident as 1952 Kamchatka Earthquakes.
    1952 Kamchatka Earthquakes.
  6. This earthquake hit the Africa in details the specified location was Chile on 13 August 1868. This earthquake on the scale of magnitude was 8.5 to 9.0 and world can remember this incident as 1868 Africa Earthquake
  7. According to the old reports and according to the destruction caused by earth quake on 26 January 1700 , there is magnitude of the earthquake 8.7 to 9.2 and this happened on Pacific Ocean ,USA and Canada at that time. You can get more knowledge about the incident by searching as 1700 Cascadia earthquake event.
    1700 Cascadia earthquake
  8. Well this is a bit ancient one that is on 9 July 869 and this was happened on Pacific Ocean Tohoku Region japan and if we assume the destruction on scale of magnitude it was 8.9 (estimated only) and you can search more and more about it with the keyword phrase ” 869 Sanriku Earthquake“.
    869 Sanriku Earthquake
  9. In 2 April 1762 there was a devastated earthquake in Chittagong Bangladesh (now a days) and on the scale of the magnitude it is 8.8 and at that time is was controlled by United Kingdom(England) . World remember this incident with the name of the 1762 Arakan Earthquake
  10. In Sumatra Indonesia (They are islands) on the date of 25 November 1833 there was a earthquake whose magnitude was recorded as 8.8(estimated only) and you can read more about this incident was searching on 1833 Sumatra Earthquake.
    1833 Sumatra Earthquake
  11. In 31 January 1906 There was a earthquake with the magnitude of 8.8 hit the Ecuador Colombia and you can search more about the event was phrase of ” 1906 Ecuador Colombia Earthquake”
  12. on 27 February 2010 in the Chile (Place known for Easter island) There is a place called Offshore Maule hit by earthquake with the magnitude of 8.8 and this incident can be searched as 2010 Chile Earthquake
    2010 Chile Earthquake
  13. In Asam India and Tibet China at the date of 15 August 1950 there was a massive earthquake with the magnitude of 8.7 and you can search more about the incident with the phrase of 1950 Assam Tibet Earthquake
    1950 Assam Tibet Earthquake
  14. In the Pacific Ocean Shikoku Region Japan there is a a earthquake with the magnitude of 8.7 to 9.3 on the date of 28th October 1707. You can easily search more about the incident with the phrase of 1707 Hoei Earthquake
    1707 Hoei Earthquake
  15. In 8 July 1730 there was a earthquake with the magnitude of 8.7 and the place was Valparaiso Chile and you can search more about the incident with the name of 1730 Valparaiso Earthquake
    1730 Valparaiso Earthquake
  16. In Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon Portugal there was a earthquake on the date of 1 November 1755 with the magnitude of 8.5 to 9.0. You can read more about the incident as 1755 Lisbon Earthquake.
    1755 Lisbon Earthquake

So here are some of the earthquakes that you see and also we try to provide more data and also share them as we received them thanks for your time.

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