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12 Facts About Lena Headey You Need to Know


Here are some facts about Lena Headey and these facts are also in the form of the video and this video is embedded here.

 Early Life:

She was born on October 3, 1973 in Hamilton bermuda because his father John was Police Cadet on the Caribbean Island.

First Appearance:

She attended the Shelley School and there she got the first role in acting and they cahracter was mary Crick in the play of Waterland.

Lena Headey in Terminator:

She acted in the place of the Sarah Cornor  during the movie of the Terminator. This show ran for 31 episodes and two seasons.

Lena Headey Tattoos:

She is Obsessed with the Tattoos. She has several tattoos on her body and you can slso she the tattoos clearly and also she has wrote the name jason who was her boy friend.

Lena Headey Animal Lover:

She is animal lover and she ran the Campaigns against the animal cruelty to prevent their involvement in circus and shows.

Lena Headey Loves Yoga:

She practise boxing and Yoga in her free time to stay fit and in order.

Lena Headey Family.

She has a younger brother Tim and Her parents are Sue and Jhon.

Lena Headey Friend:

Peter Dinklage who is brother of her in game of thrones is also his fast friend in the real life.

Lena Headey Son:

She has a son Wylie Elliot Lpoughran from his spouse Peter Paul Loughran.

She is Avid Twitter User:

She loves to use the twitter and she thinks it is the best way in order to connect with other people and when ever she is stu   ck some where she shout out the tweet.

She is Dating:

According to the last news she is dating Jason Flemng who is the The Jungle Book co star for last nine years.

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